Pearl’s On The Lake

Their Pack River Store (a legendary local diner that Alex purchased from his mother in 2018) in nearby Sandpoint is an award winning establishment, serving up locally-sourced meat and potatoes fare. Pearl’s on the Lake is the Jacobson’s latest endeavor of love that features a more refined menu, and it is their “back-to-earth” philosophy that just may be the secret sauce to their successful dining establishments.

Alex and Brittany have a deep appreciation for their local farmers. Whenever possible Pearl’s on the Lake sources its meat, dairy, and produce from Idaho purveyors for the establishment’s rotating, seasonal menu.

While it can be challenging for chefs and kitchen managers to commit to locally sourced ingredients in the shorter growing season of the alpine climate region of North Idaho, Alex believes supporting local farms is vital to the quality of the dishes he is creating at both Pearl’s on the Lake and Pack River Store.

Pack River Farms (no relation to the diner, but named after the river that flows through the community) is one local farm family that collaborates with the Jacobson’s. They produce chard microgreens in their grow room year-round, exclusively for the Jacobson’s restaurants.

Hope, Idaho is a four season resort town with a history of logging, mining, and winter sports and is situated on Lake Pend Oreille (the 5th deepest lake in the nation.) World class views and spectacular sunsets will round out your locally-sourced epicurean experience.

Pearl’s on the Lake has a rotating menu that changes with the seasons, and at the end of each season, the restaurant closes for a week as it makes transitional preparations and gives their hard-working staff time off to enjoy with their families. Call ahead for reservations.