Just last year, Google listed Sandpoint the digital capital of Idaho. There is a lot that goes into this but suffice it to say, Sandpoint is at the heart of the digital world in Idaho.


Sandpoint has always been known for it’s majestic location at the heart of largest lake in the Northwest, and it’s Schweitzer Mountain ski resort all in their natural habitats of nature (Golfing used to be part of the attraction, The Idaho Club which was a exclusive golf club and housing community with an amazing Country club. This country club resort restaurant facility what the feature point and was an amazing work of craftsmanship built entirely with enormous logs it was truly a sight to see. It was put in place by the previous owners Hidden Lake golf course. unfortunately tragedy struck this resort facility in a fire that completely wiped it out. The golf course has to this day sadly never returned from the ashes).

First time visitors are normally in awe as they travel North into town on highway 95 across the long bridge. It is one of the only towns that you actually drive across a lake to enter. It certainly does give a first-time visitor a sense of magic about the town. It also reminds the residents who travel across the bridge how fortunate we feel to live here. It is amazing however how such a large body of water goes mostly unused leaving it mainly to the locals to enjoy.

This brings us back to Sandpoint being the digital capital of Idaho. There are a lot of things going on in Sandpoint that never meet the eye because it’s digital. In driving through town you find small shops of retail excitement, a variety of local artisans spreading their art throughout the stores for sale. Restaurants, breweries and a theater preserving the small-town feel. The Digital impact however is silently becoming much bigger, it used to be said that if you come to Idaho you’re going to be making less money but enjoying life more here in the great Northwest. Enjoying nature and all that it has to offer through all the seasons. Sandpoint’s history is from logging and milling, originally this town had more gas stations than realtors, today the opposite is true. I think the majority of residents in this town have historically been hard-working blue-collar workers, retired folks and vacation home owners. The income opportunity was not going to be near the median income of the United States. Thankfully e-commerce is changing that statistic for those of us who embrace both the interest in living in the Northwest through all of the distinct seasons of “beauty and struggle” as well as knowing that e-commerce is the new carrier for the opportunity to make a living of any scale in an area with which you prefer to live. Contrast that to the big cities in which many commute to make a living but reside elsewhere either by choice or because they can’t afford to live and work in the same place.

Choosing to live in a digital capital means you have to be smart in the digital world regarding privacy and security of digital information, but make no mistake, it is the 800 pound gorilla in the room you just can’t see it very well. But who wants to see in 800 pound gorilla in the beauty of the great outdoors in Northwest Idaho! We prefer bears 🙂


So pack your bags and come visit Sandpoint Idaho, the digital capital of Idaho.