Sandpoint Downtown is open for business this Christmas Season!…

The street remodel seems pretty much completed and the sidewalks are huge! All that left is to put up the christmas lights but they better hurry! (oops no lights!) 🙁

Sandpoint Idaho downtown has been going through major street and sidewalk changes recently and they are doing it in phases. So you’re never really sure what your going to see as you drive through. These changes in Sandpoint Idaho downtown have included changing from a one way route through town to essentially a two way route redirecting traffic in some what unusual ways. Sandpoint has tried a variety of different parking options including small test cases like back in parking which was basically a small test disaster. Currently they have dug up the main downtown street to improve the runoff water treatment that takes place underground, this along with other above ground changes. So your’e never really sure what your going to see as you drive through Sandpoint Idaho. Sandpoint downtown has also implemented these corners called bulb -outs. These are really interesting, the practice is that If you take a corner and Instead of it being an regular 90 deg corner, it stretches out into the roadway bringing pedestrians closer to the other side before entering the street, also bringing the pedestrian into the view of traffic before they step into the street. Wikipedia explains it like this, “A curb extension is a traffic calming measure which widens the sidewalk for a short distance. This reduces the crossing distance and allowing pedestrians and drivers to see each other when parked vehicles would otherwise block visibility.

All in all, this awesome little town, Sandpoint Idaho, will weather the changes. Its a walking town, definitely easier to appreciate walking through than driving through. So, as it always is with both drivers and pedestrians, the practice stays the same, no matter what Sandpoint does do, slow down, pay attention and enjoy your time here.  Sometimes it’s good to slow down, take a deep breath and just know your in Sandpoint Idaho, the best small town! 🙂