Well we had quite the storm last night 50 – 60 miles an hour winds throughout the Northwest region. Spreading wild fires didn’t help the scenario much. Quite a bit of damage done by the wind storm in the campgrounds, campgrounds are mostly full Labor Day weekend and there was unfortunate loss of property. Thank God there was no loss of life that I know of. Last night the temperatures went down into the 30s! Welcome to North Idaho:) And this is a preview of the seasonal changes we get. We were just in the 100 degree for the highs and now 30 for the over night low. Thats quite a spread between the high and the low but that just goes to show you how the weather changes in North Idaho. Very unpredictable, so as we see yesterday, last night wondering if the trees around us were going to fall. It’s hard to be in a very safe place if you were in a trailer in a campground, you couldn’t very well stay in your trailer overnight not knowing what was going to happen. Power was off all night and you could imagine what wonderful timing mother natures has, high wind storm from Canada comes through knock the power out, then the temperature dives into the thirties for an overnight low so everybody bundles up and does some real life camping whether you’re home or Outdoors. Every couple hours you check the clock to see if the power is on. If the clock is on so is the power, things get back to normal checking and your checking the refrigerators.
Now if you are new to the area you will start taking note of the things maybe you wish you had so you can have them next time and maybe bring your anxiety down and preparedness up. Simple things like a full tank of gas, water, food. Just like being prepared for an earthquake in other regions. Just try to be prepared to be camping around here. And don’t forget to think of others, if you can help someone out, they will appreciate it, we all will:)