Event Details – subject to change

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Date: Saturday, June 26th

Competitors Cost: $100 which enters you into both competitions (space is limited)

SOLD OUT – Vending Fee Add-on $25 (comes with adjoining or separate 20×20) – If you’d like to sell food, you will need to pay the $25 Vending Fee to MickDuff’s, get a Panhandle Health District Temporary License ($35 – Click here for link) and a Sandpoint Temporary Business License ($20 – Click here for link).

Sign up and register, click here >>

Competitors provide their own meat!

Competition Schedule:
Load in: 6-7am
Competition Turn-in Times:
1:30pm: Half Chicken (Required: 2 Fully Jointed 1/2 chicken. Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
3pm: Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 9 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)

100% Payout – All Entry Fees will be paid out as Cash Prizes (Vending fees not included). Plus $1250 Guaranteed Cash Prize Money.

Best Chicken: 25% Entry Fees + $150 added money
Runner Up: 15% Entry Fees + $100 added money
Third: 10% Entry Fees + $75 added money

Best Ribs: 25% Entry Fees + $150 added money
Runner Up: 15% Entry Fees + $100 added money
Third: 10% Entry Fees + $75 added money

Grand Champion Prize: $400
Reserve Grand Champion Prize: $200

General Team Information

It is June and the weather could be any number of conditions. Please check the forecast and prepare accordingly.

Site Footprint

All teams will get a 20×20 spot default – it is known however that some teams need more and some need less. These will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please let us know if you require more or less. Thank you.


All sites will not have power. If you have a critical need for power, it is good planning to bring a back-up and register early. You will need to bring your own extension cords which may need to run 100’s of feet. Please also be considerate when planning what you are going to plug in. If you are hogging all the outlets, tripping due to poor choices, or similar you will not be popular with other teams.

Alcoholic beverages

MickDuff’s has permitted the entire event area and due to that, any outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed. They have plenty of beers and a selection of canned cocktails.


Toilets – We have some inside and will have portable toilets onsite as well.

Three Tub Wash Station – Due to Covid-19 we are choosing not to provide this this. Please note due to Covid-19 the normal tent health, safety, and hygiene are likely to be checked more – although at this point in time no additional requirements have been identified.

Ash Bins – there will be ash bins available throughout the event.

Grey Water – We can dispose of this inside the brewery but it needs to be handled neatly and transported easily.

Trash – this will be spread out throughout the site and collected regularly. Any concerns or issues please bring them up as soon as practical and we will resolve for you.

Your Team Required Equipment – This is a combination health considerations and general best practices:

  • Fire extinguisher – An approved 2A40BC or 3A40BC (or larger) fire extinguisher with either a receipt of purchase or a service tag showing certification less than 12 months old. The needle on the extinguisher’s gauge must be in the green area.

  • Temperature thermometer

  • Handwash station

  • Bleach bucket, 3 tub wash station

  • 10 x 10 shelter minimum overhead coverage

  • Cooler with ice to keep food cold

  • Food handlers permit or alike

  • Sandpoint vendors temporary business license (unless you have a Sandpoint Business license already)